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301.Bomberman Cheats PSP 7
302.Kirby's Avalanche Cheats SNES 7
303.Puzzle Guzzle Cheats PSP 7
304.Qix Cheats PC 7
305.Mysterious Adventures in the Caribbean Cheats DS 7
306.Tetris Splash Cheats XBL 7
307.U.P.P. Cheats PS 7
308.Trog! Cheats NES 7
309.Tiki Towers Cheats WW 7
310.Glyph 2 Cheats PC 7
311.Puzzler Collection Cheats PSP 7
312.Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords Cheats PC 7
313.Mystery P.I.: The Vegas Heist Cheats PC 7
314.bittos+ Cheats WW 7
315.Polar Panic Cheats PSN 7
316.Luxor Adventures Cheats PC 7
317.Tetris 2 (weekly jp sales) Cheats GB 7
318.Devil Dice Cheats PS 7
319.Make 10: A Journey of Numbers Cheats DS 7
320.U Connect Cheats iPhone 7
321.Labyrinth Cheats PSN 7
322.Pac-Man Championship Edition Cheats XBL 7
323.The Lost Treasures of Alexandria Cheats DS 7
324.U.P.P. Cheats PSN 7
325.Ms. Pac-Man Cheats NES 7
326.Mr. Driller W Cheats WW 7
327.USA TODAY Txtpert Cheats iPhone 7
328.Astro Match3 Cheats XBL 7
329.Luxor Cheats PC 7
330.Spot the Differences! Cheats PSN 5
331.Elite Trivia Cheats XBL 5
332.Ochan no Oekaki Logic Cheats PS 5
333.Lumines ll Cheats PSP 5
334.Mojo! Cheats XB 5
335.Whac-A-Mole Cheats DS 5
336.Mahjongg Mysteries: Ancient Egypt Cheats DS 5
337.Wetrix Cheats N64 5
338.Super Tetris 2 + Bombliss: Gentei Han Cheats SNES 5
339.Hudson Selection Vol. 1: Cubic Lode Runner Cheats GC 5
340.Finger Flashing Cheats PSN 5
341.Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Cheats PSN 5
342.505 Tangram Cheats DSiW 5
343.Nikoli no Sudoku +3 Dai-San-Shuu: Slither Link Masyu Yajilin Cheats PSP 5
344.Puzzle to Go: Planets and Universe Cheats DSiW 5
345.Pri Pri: Primitive Princess! Cheats GB 5
346.Marble Blast Ultra Cheats XBL 5
347.Pac-Man Cheats 5200 5
348.Ouchan no Oekaki Logic Cheats WS 5
349.Goblins Quest 3 Cheats PC 5
350.Overlord: Minions Cheats DS 5
351.Hello Kitty: Big City Dreams Cheats DS 5
352.Lonpos Cheats WW 5
353.Rampage Puzzle Attack Cheats GBA 5
354.Puzzle Kingdoms Cheats DS 5
355.Caveman Rock Cheats DS 5
356.Diner Dash Cheats PSN 5
357.DROD: The City Beneath Cheats PC 5
358.Abundante! Cheats PC 5
359.Pajama Sam 2: Thunder and Lightning Aren't so Frightening Cheats PC 5
360.Putt-Putt Joins the Circus Cheats PC 5
361.Echoes Cheats PSN 5
362.Bomberman Jetters Cheats GC 5
363.Numpla VOW Cheats DS 5
364.I.Q. Remix+: Intelligent Qube Cheats PS2 5
365.A Topsy Turvy Life: Turvy Drops Cheats DSiW 5
366.Addicus Cheats iPhone 5
367.Mendel Palace Cheats NES 5
368.Puzzle Series Vol. 5: Slither Link Cheats DS 5
369.Caterpillar Cheats PSN 5
370.Arkanoid Cheats iPhone 5
371.Qix Adventure Cheats GB 5
372.JumpStart: Deep Sea Escape Cheats DS 5
373.Feeding Frenzy Cheats XBL 5
374.Adventures of Lolo 2 Cheats VC 5
375.Ferryman Puzzle Cheats DSiW 5
376.M&M's Break' Em Cheats DS 5
377.T-Tris Cheats Lynx 5
378.Puzzle Quest: Galactrix Cheats DS 5
379.Lode Runner Cheats GBA 5
380.Puyo Pop Fever Cheats XB 5
381.Toon-Doku Cheats DS 5
382.Pocoro Cheats XBL 5
383.Switchball Cheats PC 5
384.Alien Pyramid Challenge! Cheats XBL 5
385.Jewel Master Egypt Cheats DS 5
386.Hanoi Cheats iPhone 5
387.Gals Panic SS Cheats SAT 5
388.Amazing Adventures Around The World Cheats PC 5
389.Ochan no Oekaki Logic Cheats WS 5
390.WTF: Work Time Fun Cheats PSP 5
391.Nintendo Puzzle Collection Cheats GC 5
392.Pac-Man (FDS) Cheats NES 5
393.7 Wonders of the Ancient World Cheats DS 5
394.Puzzle Scape Cheats PSP 5
395.Pieces Cheats SNES 5
396.Lost Vikings 2 Cheats SNES 5
397.Youda Farmer Cheats PC 5
398.Crossword de Manabou! Chiri - Rekishi Cheats DS 5
399.Boulder Dash Cheats NES 5
400.Lucky Clover Cheats PC 5