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401.Beam'em Up Cheats PSN 5
402.Saving Private Sheep Cheats iPhone 5
403.Castle Smasher Cheats iPhone 5
404.BurgerTime Cheats NES 5
405.Balloon Pop Cheats Wii 5
406.Cake Mania Cheats DS 5
407.Wario's Woods Cheats SNES 5
408.Puzzle to Go: Sightseeing Cheats DSiW 5
409.The Dream of Neko Cheats DS 5
410.Hello Kitty no Beads Koubou Cheats GB 5
411.Rubik's Cube Cheats 2600 5
412.Sudoku Challenge! Cheats WW 5
413.Equilibrio Cheats WW 5
414.V-Tetris Cheats VB 5
415.Bomberman Blitz Cheats DSiW 5
416.Heron: Steam Machine Cheats iPhone 5
417.Auditorium Cheats XBL 5
418.Jig-a-Pix: Love is... Cheats DS 5
419.Around The World in 80 Days Cheats DS 5
420.Brain Boost: Beta Wave Cheats DS 5
421.Puzzle Agent Cheats WW 5
422.Cube Cheats PSP 5
423.Gyromite Cheats NES 5
424.PQ2: Practical Intelligence Quotient Cheats PSP 5
425.Crayola: Treasure Adventures Cheats DS 5
426.Mr.Space!! Cheats iPhone 5
427.Super Fruit Fall Cheats Wii 5
428.Zuma (PSP) Cheats PSN 5
429.Mahjong Cub3D Cheats 3DS 5
430.Sticky Balls Cheats iPhone 5
431.Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine Cheats GEN 5
432.Simple 1500 Series Vol. 14: The Block Kuzushi Cheats PS 5
433.Kirby's Avalanche Cheats VC 5
434.Toki Tori Cheats GB 5
435.Gridders Cheats 3DO 5
436.Rock Blast Cheats DS 5
437.7 Wonders of the Ancient World Cheats PS2 5
438.The Quest Trio Cheats DS 5
439.I Spy Challenger! Cheats GBA 5
440.M&M's Break' Em Cheats GBA 5
441.Jewels of Cleopatra Cheats PC 5
442.Q*bert (GBC) Cheats GB 5
443.Pac-Man vs. Cheats GC 5
444.Bobby Carrot 3 Cheats iPhone 5
445.Geon Cube Cheats Wii 5
446.Mystery P.I.: The Lottery Ticket Cheats PC 5
447.Bejeweled 2 Deluxe Cheats PC 5
448.Gold Fever Cheats PSN 5
449.Yard Sale Hidden Treasures: Sunnyville Cheats WW 5
450.Futari no Fantavision Cheats PS2 5
451.I Spy: Fun House Cheats DS 5
452.LetsTans Deluxe Cheats iPhone 5
453.Inspector Gadget: Gadget's Crazy Maze Cheats PS 5
454.King Arthur's World Cheats SNES 5
455.A Fairy Tale Cheats DSiW 5
456.Adventures of Lolo 3 Cheats NES 5
457.Magical Drop F Cheats PSN 5
458.Breakout Cheats PC 5
459.5 in 1 Mahjong Cheats DSiW 5
460.O.M.G. 26 - Our Mini Games Cheats DS 5
461.Nikoli no Sudoku +3 Dai-San-Shuu: Slither Link Masyu Yajilin Cheats PSN 5
462.Pipe Mania Cheats Wii 5
463.10 Talismans Cheats PC 5
464.Puyo Puyo~n Party Cheats N64 5
465.Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles Cheats DC 5
466.Cake Mania: In The Mix! Cheats Wii 5
467.Whac-A-Mole Cheats GBA 5
468.Buzz! Brain Bender Cheats PSP 5
469.Pipe Dream Cheats SNES 5
470.Q*bert Cheats PC 5
471.Art Style: BASE 10 Cheats DSiW 5
472.Droplitz Cheats PC 5
473.DROD: King Dugan's Dungeon Cheats PC 5
474.Wild Snake Cheats SNES 5
475.Crazy Machines Cheats DS 5
476.Dig Dug REMIX Cheats iPhone 5
477.i Love Katamari Cheats iPhone 5
478.Mania Cheats XBL 5
479.Tetris Party Live Cheats DSiW 5
480.Venice Deluxe Cheats PC 5
481.Yard Sale Hidden Treasures: Sunnyville Cheats DS 5
482.Feeding Frenzy 2: Shipwreck Showdown Cheats PC 5
483.Sneezies Cheats PSN 5
484.Namco All-Stars: Pac-Man and Dig Dug Cheats PC 5
485.Diner Dash: Sizzle & Serve Cheats PSP 5
486.Pac-Man Collection Cheats GBA 5
487.iCut Cheats iPhone 5
488.NEVES Cheats DS 5
489.Photo Phantasy Cheats DS 5
490.Doodle Hex Cheats DS 5
491.Chiki Chiki Tengoku Cheats GB 5
492.Nikoli no Sudoku+2 Daiisshuu: Sudoku Nurikabe Heyawake Cheats PSN 5
493.Adventures of Lolo Cheats VC 5
494.Wetrix+ Cheats DC 5
495.Hexic 2 Cheats XBL 5
496.Babel no Tou Cheats NES 5
497.Q*bert 2005 Cheats PC 5
498.Peggle Cheats iPhone 5
499.Brain Age Express: Sudoku Cheats DSiW 5
500.Margot's Bepuzzled! Cheats DS 5

L.A. Noire (non-existant version, duplicate) Cheats (PC)

Silent Hill HD Collection ( duplicate ) Cheats (PS3)

Free Realms(duplicate) Cheats (PS3)

Petz Fantasy(duplicate) Cheats (DS)

Edge of Twilight Cheats (PC)

Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim Cheats (PC)

Scribblenauts 2 Cheats (DS)

Angry Birds Cheats (XBL)

Dragon Quest Monsters: Caravan Heart Cheats (GBA)

Mars Cheats (PS3)

Mars Cheats (PC)

Check vs. Mate Cheats (PS3)

Beyond Good & Evil 2 Cheats (PS3)

Power Math Cheats (Wii)

Saints Row: Drive-By Cheats (3DS)