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Guwange Game Details

Guwange boxart at gamrReview
Alternative names: ぐわんげ
Developer: Cave
Genre: Shooter
Release Dates:
11/10/10 Cave
11/10/10 Cave
11/10/10 Cave

Guwange Synopsis

At the far reaches of the Eastern kingdom, in the age of Muromachi... this is the tale of those who wielded the power of the Shikigami. In ages past, when men worshipped nature, believed in spirits and feared the darkness of night, they would also become envoys of a mysterious power. A unique shooting game set in the late Muromachi age of Japan, Guwange includes 3 fully-featured game modes. Challenge the online leaderboards in Score Attack mode! Play with a friend in online CO-OP play! The shooter classic "Guwange" is reborn for a new generation!