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Rock of the Dead News


Video Game Releases in America from Oct.17 to Oct. 23

By Gabriel Franco on 18 October 2010, 933 views

Another great week for all consoles! Kirby's Epic Yarn for platforms lovers. For musical games lovers we have three choices DJ Hero 2, Power Gig: Rise of the SixString and Rock of the Dead...


Video Game Releases in America from Oct. 3 to Oct. 9

By Gabriel Franco on 03 October 2010, 1283 views

Great week in America! Tons of games and whats better, tons of good games to be released this week in all consoles and  genres. From Wii Party, to Castlevania, Shantae, NBA, Pokemon, And PES 2011...

Rock of the Dead Game Details

Rock of the Dead boxart at gamrReview
Developer: Epicenter Studios
Genre: FPS
Also available on: PS3, Wii
Release Dates:
10/19/10 Conspiracy Entertainment

Rock of the Dead Synopsis

Grab your axe and jump off stage as you transcend from aspiring musician to global rock god! The planet is under attack, and the only chance we have is through the power of rock! Use rippin' riffs to unleash sonic blasts on hordes of flesh eaters! Grab a buddy and play through the story-based campaign in two-player competitive co-op with guitars, drums or both! Rock out to a soundtrack featuring metalized versions of Bach, Brahms and other classical pieces as well as Rob Zombie and White Zombie hard-hitting tracks. With a cast of characters voiced by Neil Patrick Harris, Felicia Day and Rob Zombie, huge boss battles and dozens of unlockables and upgradeable special attacks, the fate of the planet is in your hands!