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04/17/12 Warner Bros. Interactive
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1 n/a 110,255 70,125 26,953 207,333
2 n/a 24,515 21,860 6,929 53,304
3 n/a 18,352 12,145 4,557 35,054
4 n/a 12,098 10,168 3,327 25,593
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7 n/a 6,519 2,933 1,412 10,864
8 n/a 5,842 3,325 1,370 10,537
9 n/a 3,559 2,800 950 7,309
10 n/a 2,542 2,961 822 6,325

Opinion (25)

Nem posted 01/01/2013, 04:39
I got this game recently for half the price of launch. It has a bit of a steep learning curve, but its incredibly well crafter and your decisions carry strong weigth and change the world. Looks incredibly. It has a combat system that is very tactical. Not alot of variety on different attacks you can use, since the attack are auto (you just hammer 1 of 2 buttons), but overall very satisfying. I havent been able to put it down since i got it. Also, due to the different choices, theres alot of replay value.
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piggychan posted 16/09/2012, 09:26
yup I agrees with mr puggsly.. the game play and combat isn't pick up and play.. I give a 4 for control. graphics definitely at least an 8 and I don't like the medieval setting with American voice acting.. it really kills the setting..
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Mr Puggsly posted 17/07/2012, 10:30
Just finished it. Quite honestly, it wasn't great. Interesting story and great presentation. But the combat is weak, bland dialogue, and boring quests. Its a hard game to recommend.
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Kizmi posted 15/06/2012, 11:28
Well, remember guys, that the game was released 1 year before xbox port and the Xbox port is worse than PC-version (but still amazing port for a console)

That's sad, that this piece of gold didn't sell masses (like Mass Effect, Fallout, Elder scrolls etc.)

At least developers are happy, because the port cost about 1 million to make. So it made a lot of profit.
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MichiGen posted 13/06/2012, 09:57
I'm a little bit dissapointed how is this AWESOME game doing on X360. It sold 400k in 7 weeks, while on PC it sold 400k in first 2 days. So much about the piracy and PC as a dead platform...
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piggychan posted 09/06/2012, 09:16
hmmm I just installed and played a little of this game. After the joy of Dragon's dogma this really was a come down. Graphics are really nice but the controls I did not find any fun in there. Even after the tutorial I couldn't rememeber the basics.. not a game you can just pick up and play...
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